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Well, seeing as the number of my fics is starting to pile up, I decided to make a master fic list so that everyone can navigate around easier. So... yeah.

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Hate, Love, Kill (3/7)

Title: Hate (me), Love (me), Kill (me)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ChulMin (Heechul/Changmin) slight OT5
Summary: Heechul is the top assassin in the rebellion against the royal family.And when he is given a new target, he never would have believed that his live would turn upside down. That he would fall in love.

The sun sent warm beams of light through the window, shining onto the skin of the boy inside the large, slightly cold, room.


The wooden floorboards glistened as the sun shone down on them. The room didn't have much in it, as it was mainly used as a storeroom. The five brothers would use this as their hide away from the servants and their parents.


Their parents didn't know about the fact that they hid in here. The servants pretended not to know, and yet kept the room in top condition, placing handy things in there from time to time.


Changmin's eyes were closed, and his head was leaning against the wall, his feet spread out next to him, the couch soft and comfortable.


Changmin hummed to himself as he thought about Heechul's beautiful face, the eyes that seemed cold and uncaring but held a hint of kindness. The bright red hair that must have been from a power that the man had.


"Oi, punk!" Changmin looked up to see his older brother Junsu staring at him, blonde, lightning power induced hair gleaming and sticking out in all directions, making him look like a mouse.

"Yes, dolphin hyung?" Changmin asked. Junsu shoved him, and Changmin laughed.

"Shut up...." Junsu grumbled, and Changmin laughed harder.

"Junsu! Language!" Yunho growled, sitting down on the floor in front of Changmin.


Yunho's hair was a deep brown, that unless you know what you were looking for, you would think he was just powerless. Instead, Yunho controlled the power of the earth.


"Minnie, why are you spacing out so much?" Yunho asked, concern evident in his voice, and Changmin smiled.

"Last night I was visited by a beautiful angel~" Changmin sighed, and his two brother's froze in place.

"What do you mean?" Junsu asked, and Changmin continued to smile.


"A beautiful angel came to my room last night! But he dropped a knife and it got stuck in my leg...." Changmin said, rubbing his injured thigh absentmindedly. Yunho reached over and clasped Changmin's hand, stopping the hand from moving.


"Min-ah, someone broke into the palace last night. You have to promise to tell us if that person comes back." Yunho said.

"But hyung-"

"Promise, Min-ah..." Yunho said, holding out his hand.

"I... can't..." Changmin said quietly. Yunho looked up, so that he was looking straight into Changmin's eyes.

"Why not?" He asked, and Changmin bit his lip.


"I...I.... I don't make promises that I know I won't be able to keep...." Changmin said quietly, looking at Yunho with eyes that were brimming with tears. Yunho reached out his arms and hugged his baby brother.


"Then.... if he hurts you...."

"If he hurts me, then I will tell you, hyung.." Changmin promised, and Yunho kissed the boy's forehead.


They all winced upon hearing a very loud crash followed by a series of thumps and a yell outside the room. Jae Joong opened the door, walking gracefully despite most definitely being the cause of the loud noises they had just heard.


Jae Joong had platinum blonde hair that was so bright that it hurt to look at it for too long. Which was hazardous seeing as Jae Joong had a face that made you never want to look away. He was an ice used and proud of it.


They all looked at Yoochun, a time manipulator with black hair, whom was standing behind Jae Joong. The middle child pointed at the oldest before making a rolling gesture with his hands.


Changmin and Junsu could barely contain their laughter, making Jae Joong pout and let out a whine. The oldest son crossed his arms angrily before sitting down right where he was standing, which happened to be in the middle of the room.


Everyone couldn't help but burst out laughing, which made Jae Joong hug his legs and bury his face in his knees.


Come on Joongie,” Yoochun said, picking Jae Joong up and putting the oldest over his shoulder. Jae Joong started kicking his legs, which made Yoochun scowl.


Dammit, Chun! Let me sulk in peace!!!!” Jae Joong whined Yoochun dropped Jae Joong on the couch before sitting next to Yunho.


Jae Joong gathered Changmin in his arms, resting his cheek on his baby brother's forehead. Jae Joong poked Changmin's cheeks when the youngest let out a content sigh, leaning into his older brother's embrace.


Changmin eventually fell asleep in Jae Joong's arms, despite his brothers' antics and loud voices that always made him doubt if they were as old as they said they were.




Heechul sat on the steps, his feet being lapped at by the small stream that flowed on the outskirts of the city. The steps leaded up to the gravel road that connected to the wooden bridge that crossed over the stream and the ditch it was in.


Heechul bit into the apple in his hand, wrapping a strand of red hair around his index finger. He was occupied by his thoughts, but he still kept on the look out for danger.


It had been a week since he had broken into the palace, and stabbed the prince. Which, of course was a complete accident but Heechul would never admit it. He would say it was a technique to play with the boy's head.


It was strange how peaceful it was. Something like that attack on the youngest Prince wouldn't be kept so quiet. Usually, Heechul would have had to leave town for a few months in order to avoid imprisonment.


The only way that their wouldn't be panic would be if Changmin hadn't told anyone. Why would the boy protect him? The boy was innocent, but he wasn't stupid. He knew what Heechul had been sent to do, and that Heechul wouldn't rest until he did it.


Heechul hated puzzles. And questions that went unanswered. He would pay another visit to Changmin that night.


But he needed a plan. He needed to get the information from the boy, and then he would kill him. The boy had been attracted to him in some way, and Heechul would have to use it to his advantage.


He wasn't a big fan of the idea, but he decided that it would have to be done. Heechul was very good at seducing, and even though the prince was only a teenager, Heechul wouldn't fail.


In fact, it may even be easier if Changmin was younger, because that made him more naive. Simple touches would make the boy become a puppet for Heechul. It would be easy...


Heechul got to his feet, and threw the apple core on the ground. The birds flocked around it in an instant, eating away at the remnants of the fruit.




Heechul pushed the french doors open and slipped inside the bedroom, to be greeted by a sight that he would... well, it was better then the most beautiful sunset. It was just.... Heechul wouldn't be able to get it out of his head.


"Wah!" Changmin yelped, immediately grabbing something to cover his naked form.

"Sorry! Closing my eyes, don't worry," Heechul said, closing his eyes and covering them with his hand.

"Okay, you can look now," Changmin said quietly after a few minutes had passed, and Heechul opened his eyes. Changmin was now wearing a white robe over white cotton trousers.


"What's with the white?" Heechul asked, and Changmin smiled.

"Better conductivity," Changmin said, before sitting down on the bed, holding Heechul's hand in his.


"I'm really glad you came again," Changmin said, embracing Heechul.

"Your highnes-"

"Changmin," the boy corrected.


"Alright. Changmin, why didn't you tell the authorities?" Heechul asked, and Changmin smiled.

"I don't want to lose Heechul..." Changmin said, and Heechul cupped Changmin's face in his hands, before bending his knees and pressing his lips to the boy's. Changmin gasped, and Heechul pushed his tongue inside of Changmin's mouth.


The boy tasted like chocolate and vanilla, along with something that Heechul couldn't make out. It was obvious that Changmin wasn't an experienced kisser, and that every movement his tongue made was an attempt to copy Heechul.


Heechul pulled away, and the prince gasped for breath, his body trembling.

"W-Wow...." Changmin whispered, and Heechul laughed.

"Lie with me?" Changmin asked, and Heechul smiled, kissing Changmin again.


"Why do you hate the royal family?" Changmin asked, curled up next to Heechul, the assassin running his hands over Changmin's shoulders.


"Oh.... when I was eight, my family was killed in front of me. I still have no idea why, they never did anything wrong. I grew up training for revenge, learned everything. How to run, how to climb, how to use a knife in the best ways. Then I joined the rebellion," Heechul said, running one of his hands over Changmin's stomach.


"I'm sorry..." Changmin whispered, and Heechul smiled sadly.

"There is nothing that you have to be sorry about. You weren't born for about year and a half after that anyway." Heechul confessed, and Changmin let out a laugh.

"But I'm still sorry...." Heechul smiled and kissed Changmin again.

"Like I said- don't be."


"Okay, now your turn. Why would you be okay with dying?" Heechul asked, and Changmin looked out the window and at the night sky.


"My parents don't want me... they never have. That's why they tried their best to cover up the fact that I was even born. But everything that my parents didn't give me was given to me by my brothers.... but Father is sending them to the army soon, so I'm going to be all alone.... no one to stop my parents from hitting me..." Changmin whispered the last part, and Heechul held the boy tightly.


"Why wouldn't your parents want you?" Heechul asked, and Changmin sighed.

"I am ill. I'm not strong enough to become a soldier, and I am a man so that means that I can't be married off to a neighboring kingdom. All I can do is see the future," Changmin said, letting out another sigh.


Heechul bit his lip as he saw the break of dawn.

"You need to leave, right?" Changmin said, and Heechul nodded.

"Where can I find you?" Changmin asked.

"Most likely in the markets," Heechul replied, giving Changmin a gentle kiss before disappearing.


Changmin looked out the now closed door and bit his lip.

I think I love you....”

A/N: extra long chapter because I'm nice~ I think. I'm basically on a mini hiatus because my brain is virtually dead and I can't seem to write my ideas down. It's aggravating

Hate, Love, Kill (4/7)

Title: Hate (me), Love (me), Kill (me)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ChulMin (Heechul/Changmin) slight OT5
Summary: Heechul is the top assassin in the rebellion against the royal family.And when he is given a new target, he never would have believed that his live would turn upside down. That he would fall in love.

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Love is not an option
changmin, paris

Title: Love is not an option
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Dark. Dark dark, dark dark dark dark, dark. And character death.
Summary: For the son of Death and the Sun's child, love is not an option.

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A/N: *whistles nervously before running away*

A bit of an update
I doubt anyone will read this but....

I am not dead for those who would like to know. Well, I've only been gone for a bit over a week but yeah....

To make a long story short, some things changed with the computer and I didn't know how to fix them. But they've been fixed now!

However, I was SO bored that I am returning to you with two new fic ideas!!!!

One is me stepping into a new thing with an actual crime story! WOOHOO!!!! Detective Yunho, criminals Minnie and Jae and Mob bosses Yoochun and Junsu!! ^.^

The second one may never see the light of day, because it might be a bit hard for me to write, plus I don't have it all planned out yet so we'll see how it goes.

HLK should be updated soon, and I'm halfway through the new chapters of Seduction and In this night.

Seduction may be a bit of a difficulty for me because my brain had an argument with my smut muse. My brain won, and therefore I don't know when I next will write actual, explicit smut. It may be tomorrow, it may be in three years.

Well, yeah, just wanted to get those things out of the road. I'm currently catching up on all the things I missed which is tiring but I'm doing it.

I will update fics as soon as I can. Bye now!

Hate, Love, Kill (2/7)

Title: Hate (me), Love (me), Kill (me)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ChulMin (Heechul/Changmin) slight OT5
Summary: Heechul is the top assassin in the rebellion against the royal family.And when he is given a new target, he never would have believed that his live would turn upside down. That he would fall in love.

Heechul dug his fingers into the cracks between rock, climbing up the stone wall with extreme speed. The assassin reached the top, jumping over the railing and landing on the concrete balcony. There was no light coming from the room in front of him, which probably meant that the person inside was asleep.


Heechul glared at the white french doors in front of him. Satin curtains were on the other side of the doors, most likely for privacy. He could see no shadows inside.


Heechul pressed his hand against the door and pushed. Fear overcame him when the doors opened with ease. Was this a trap? Had he been tricked? Heechul took a deep breath, knowing that he might be walking to his grave.


Heechul walked passed the curtains and entered the dark room. He left the door open in case he needed to make a hurried exit.


The room was dark and silent. The only sound was soft, deep breaths, along with some quiet whispers. Heechul scanned the room, looking for the source of the whispers.


There was two large wooden doors in the wall to his right, the only other exit from the room. And that door seemed to be locked.


Heechul turned his head and saw that the Prince was in his bed. Asleep, just like he had thought. And sleep talking. That was weird... Heechul's stomach twisted at how young the boy looked.


He had soft brown hair that went down his neck, and a fringe that skimmed over one of his eyes. He had pale skin, and his small lips were open as he breathed. He was quite small, but it seemed that he was curled into a ball.


He seemed to be quite tall, Heechul thought as he made out the shape of his legs. He just.. didn't seem to be much more then skin and bone.


Heechul soundless walked over to the bed and took a dagger from inside of his cloak, raising it above the boy's body, aiming for his heart. As he was about to pierce the boy's chest, long eyelashes fluttered and brown eyes were revealed, Heechul freezing in place.


"What a beautiful angel..." the prince whispered, raising his hand to touch Heechul's face as he sat up. Heechul put the dagger against the boy's chest, and the prince froze.


"Do you know why you're about to die?" Heechul asked, the hand that was on his cheek falling to the prince's side. The boy nodded sadly.


"For the crimes of my father. But I do not mind, for death will set me free," Changmin said quietly. The answer surprised the older male, making Heechul drop the knife.


Changmin bit his lip and scrunched his eyes, the knife piercing through Changmin's leg, a small whimper escaping from his throat.


Heechul immediately reached inside his cloak and brought out a white cloth and a small bottle, before putting two of his fingers on the skin around the blade.


Taking the hilt of the knife in his other hand, Heechul pulled, ripping it out of Changmin's leg. The boy hissed, and blood seeped through his clothes and into the bed sheets.


Heechul opened Changmin's bed clothes, revealing pale legs, longer then Heechul had thought, before he dabbed some of the liquid onto the cloth, pressing it against Changmin's wound.

"What are you doing?" Changmin asked, looking down at his leg.


Healing you, what does it look like I'm doing?" Heechul said, and Changmin pressed his hand down on top of Heechul's.


"But... if you just let me bleed, I'll die, and that's what you came here to do."


Damn, he's right, Heechul thought to himself, the bleeding coming to a stop and the cut closing, as if it had been stitched together.


"Just... shut up," Heechul said, not giving a damn about the fact that he was talking to royalty.


"What is that stuff?" Changmin asked, his eyes fluttering closed.

"Never you mind." Heechul said, and Changmin fell forward into Heechul's arms. Heechul lifted Changmin and pushed him onto the bed, lifting the covers and pulling them over Changmin's body.


Heechul placed the medicine on Changmin's bedside table, and turned to leave.

"What's you name?" Changmin asked.



Changmin smiled.

"Heechul.... beautiful angel...." Changmin whispered, and Heechul heard loud commotion outside. It seemed that they had finally figured out that someone had broken in. Heechul ran from the room, leaping off the balcony and into the town below.

A/N: Changmin and Heechul have met~ yay~ and... yeah I dunno.. 

Ghosts of a trainwreck (5/6)
Title: Ghosts of a train wreck (second installment of 'Black Wings'
Pairings: HoMin!
Rating: pg-13 to nc-17
Warnings: none at the moment. Later on though..... Confusion, major angst
Genre:  Slight fluff, humor, romance... Angst, horror, psychological
Summary: Life was near perfect. He was in love with the greatest man on earth. Everything was perfect.  Until Changmin's 21st birthday.

Their anniversary day came faster then Changmin wanted. Except this time, they stopped halfway because Changmin was screaming in pain, once again going into hysterics.


Yunho was frightened. Very frightened. He would do anything to stop Changmin from being in pain, but there was nothing he could do.


Once Changmin had calmed down, Yunho took him out to try and get Changmin's mind off of things. Changmin would cling to him, his body shivering despite the hot sun.


Yunho suggested they go to the shopping center, and Changmin stopped moving. Yunho could have sworn that Changmin actually stopped breathing.


Changmin gripped Yunho's hand tightly, his eyes unfocused, and his lips parted slightly. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fainted into Yunho's arms.


Yunho picked up the phone and called the hospital, all the while having and arm underneath Changmin's shoulder blades.


The doctors found nothing medically wrong with Changmin, and after a while the man woke up. It was then that Yunho decided.


He made an appointment with the best psychiatrist in Seoul for the next day.


They sat down in the big office, Changmin holding Yunho's hand tightly. The psychiatrist sat down.

“Hello, I'm Park Yoochun. Now, would you mind telling me what the problem is?” Yoochun asked, and Yunho looked at Changmin's glazed eyes.


“Changmin had a fever a while ago, and he was asleep for a few days. When he woke up, he was screaming. He had dreamed that we were both killed in a car crash. He has these.... episodes... where he just goes completely still and he either looses it completely or he passes out.... the doctors said that there wasn't a medical reason, so....” Yunho looked over to Changmin, whom was still looking at the ground.


“Alright... Changmin, can you tell me exactly what happened in your dream?” Yoochun asked, and Changmin closed his eyes.


“I-It was our anniversary.... that morning, we had sex.... we had lunch at the park that we had our first kiss..... we then went to the shopping center, and we were hit by a car..... it hurt... it hurt so much.... but Yunho wasn't moving... he was bleeding so much.... and his eyes, they were open, but they were empty... no one was helping him... everyone was trying to help me.... no one was trying to save him... it.... it..... why did... why did no one... why did he die?!!! Why did they say he was dead?!!! He wasn't dead, they could have saved him!!! They would have saved him if it wasn't for me!!!! It's my fault that he's dead!!!! My fault!!!!” Changmin clutched his head, pain bursting through his skull.


Yunho wanted to hold Changmin in his arms, but Yoochun wouldn't let him. Changmin was screaming, and he was in such pain that Yunho had to grip the seat so that he wouldn't disobey Yoochun.


Yoochun grabbed Changmin's head and the young adult's eyes snapped back into focus. Changmin panted, leaning into Yunho.


“He has a rather severe case of post traumatic stress disorder. It was caused by the dream, but most likely, because the dream itself obviously feels more like reality then this world here, he truly believes that you are dead. He actually believes that this is just a..... death dream, as it were. So, he doesn't know what is real.....” Yoochun said, and Yunho clutched Changmin to him, his eyes shining with tears.


“Changmin... Changmin I'm real.....Changmin....” Yunho closed his eyes, trying not to look at the empty ones of his wife.


“He will be unable to accept it, because it hasn't happened in this reality yet. He will not be able to accept it until he either returns to the dream, or the event happens in this life....Because he doesn't know what is real... he will start to alternate between realities... we have to be careful or else he'll loose his mind....”


Unable to attend work, Changmin began to become a basket case. He would beg Yunho not to leave him alone, and so the older man was forced to become 'the bad guy', sometimes being forced to go as far as to treat Changmin like dirt.


It tore Yunho's heart to pieces, even more so when Changmin became so submissive that the younger man wouldn't do anything without Yunho telling him to, and refusing to treat himself as Yunho's equal.


At night, Yunho would hold Changmin tightly in his arms as the younger sobbed himself to sleep. Yunho would look over the face that was becoming that of a skeletons, and the eyes that refused to sparkle anymore.


What would destroy Yunho the most, however, was when his lover would scream in his sleep, screaming that he wanted Yunho to come back, to not leave him alone. It was times like that that Yunho wondered if he would be able to save Changmin. If he would be able to smile with him, make love to him, and become one with him again.


Yunho's father looked up from reading the notice.

“You're quitting?” He asked, putting his glasses on his desk.

“Yes, Father. I.......I guess I just want to spend as much time with Changmin as possible... and I want to be able to take care of him.... if it was Mother, you would want to do the same thing, wouldn't you?” Yunho asked, and the lawyer sighed.


“Yes, I have to admit that I would. I have seen the happiness Changmin brings to you, and I have accepted that. Take care of him, and I will pray for his health.”


Yunho had left politely, clearing his desk of all his things. When he returned home, he found Changmin lying on the couch, staring at the television.


“Minnie?” Yunho asked, and Changmin looked up slightly. Yunho walked over to him and kissed his forehead.


“Guess what?” Yunho asked, smiling.

“What?” Changmin rubbed his eyes.

“I'm not gonna be leaving you again.” Yunho said, and Changmin's face lit up.

“Really?! Yay!!!” And Changmin flung his arms around Yunho's waist, smiling with mismatched eyes and Yunho swore in that brief moment that there was something in Changmin's eyes that stirred something in his chest. Hope.


“Do we have to see Dr. Park again?” Changmin whined. Yunho ruffled his hair.

“It's for the best. Anyway, you like Dr. Park, don't you?” Yunho asked. Changmin pouted.

“Only when he's being Yoochun....” Yunho laughed.


The start of the appointment consisted of jokes and innocence. But someone in the lobby dropped a vase. Something so simple, so easy, as dropping a vase.....


Changmin let out a small scream and clutched his head again, almost beginning to have a seizure. Yunho gripped his lover in his arms, but Changmin tried his hardest to push Yunho away.


“Not.... real!!!” Changmin said through gritted teeth, before passing out in Yunho's arms. Yunho looked up at Yoochun, whom had risen from his seat.


“I think... that there's only one way to fix this...”

“I don't care. Do. It.”

This is the missing chapter. I don't know why this has disappeared O.o confusing...

Touch connection
Title: Touch connection
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings:Prostitution and smut (and group groping?)
Summary: There's two things special about Jae Joong's favorite bar. The chance to touch the dancers, and Changmin.

A/N: For dokssuri 
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Hate, Love, Kill (1/7)

Title: Hate (me), Love (me), Kill (me)
Rating: PG-13 (will be NC-17 in one chapter, but still safe to read if you are underage or don't like smut)
Pairings: ChulMin (Heechul/Changmin) OT5
Genre: Tragedy, Romance, Action
Summary: Heechul is the top assassin in the rebellion against the royal family. And when he is given a new target, he never would have believed his life would turn upside down. That he would fall in love.
A/N: I know that Heechul and Changmin isn't a very popular pairing. But we need something to spice things up, don't we?


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